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SHOT Show 2013

Look for us at the show, we are walking around meeting with our industry partners to learn more about the interesting new equipment our clients can use in the field. Stay tuned, I will be writing some new gear articles for 2013. If you want to hunt with us this year, I will have info […]

Happy New Year – First Update 2013

Fellow Hunters, We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that the New Year will bring many exciting hunts, great health and happiness to everyone. The show season is upon us soon. The Dallas Safari Club convention starts next week. We won’t exhibit there, but our Office Manager and hunt consultant, Amy Martin Shaffer, owner […]

C&AMO September Newsletter Update

It is mid-September and we are in the middle of the fall hunting season. Our guides and hunters are in the field in a new Bighorn Sheep concession I bought from Scott Carter this spring, south of Grande Prairie, Alberta. We are hunting Bighorn sheep currently with moose and elk hunting beginning on the 22nd […]

June 2012 Asian Hunting Newsletter

Each year, more and more hunters apply for limited entry hunts in many of the Western States. As the draw results come out and people don’t get their hunts, they look to fill their falls with hunts. We have a few openings left for the 2012/2013 Asian Hunting season. Last year, Marco Polo Argali permits […]

Prepare for High Altitude Adventures with Wilderness Athlete

As an avid mountain hunter and guide and outfitter for over twelve years in Canada and over eight years in Central Asia (Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan), I consider nutrition to be essential to a hunters’ overall health and energy.  Eating quality foods and exercising is essential for long term health and performance.  Taking Wilderness Athlete Food […]