As an avid mountain hunter and guide and outfitter for over twelve years in Canada and over eight years in Central Asia (Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan), I consider nutrition to be essential to a hunters’ overall health and energy.  Eating quality foods and exercising is essential for long term health and performance.  Taking Wilderness Athlete Food products and nutritional supplements will increase a hunter’s performance.

Bryan Rod with Nomad familyWilderness Athlete (WA) is a company that focuses on creating and selling quality products.  Mark Paulsen (also known as Coach P) has provided me with WA products since their inception and I’ve always had great results.  I recommend that all of my hunters pursuing Marco Polo and Ibex use their High Altitude AdvantageHigh Performance MultivitaminMeal Replacement Powder, Mind and Body drink mix, Energy and Focus drink mix, and Green Infusion drink mix (I mix the three together),Energy Gels and their Energy/nutrition bars (Mountain Berry is my favorite).

Daytime temperatures average +15 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit at elevations of 11,000 feet-16,500 feet.  By staying properly hydrated and taking High Altitude Advantage, I don’t have to take the prescription medication that most Asian hunters take while hunting at these extreme elevations.  The prescription medications give me side effects like tingling in my fingers and toes and lack of energy which I don’t like.  While I don’t suggest that everyone will have the same results that I do, every little bit helps at over 15,000 feet when our bodies are running on little oxygen.  Going too hard the first few days of the hunt can increase the risk of getting an altitude sickness like Pulmonary Edema which can be fatal if it’s not treated.
tajikistan marcopolo 300x225I spend forty to seventy-five days in these countries at extreme elevations each fall and winter and have never had altitude sickness while taking Wilderness Athlete products.  I believe my body adapts faster than some.  I still get headaches at over 16,000 feet on the first few days of the trip as only time spent at these altitudes will allow human bodies time to adapt.

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