Each year, more and more hunters apply for limited entry hunts in many of the Western States. As the draw results come out and people don’t get their hunts, they look to fill their falls with hunts. We have a few openings left for the 2012/2013 Asian Hunting season.

Last year, Marco Polo Argali permits were underutilized by American hunters in both Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In Tajikistan, 51 American’s applied for 60 CITES Import Permits. In Kyrgyzstan, 35 American’s applied for 40 CITES Import Permits. The application period, starts May 1st of each year. But if the permits are under subscribed, then applications can be taken until the hunting seasons close in February.


Our Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan outfitting partners have room for 2-3 more hunters per country. Hunters can be American or foreign hunters. The American CITES import list could be filled at any time though, so time is of the essence. The Marco Polo hunt price of $39,000 in Tajikistan and $27,500 in Kyrgyzstan remain the same, but we are including 1 Mid-Asian Ibex on either hunt for no charge. This is a $5,000 saving in Kyrgyzstan and $4,000 savings in Tajikistan. Hunt dates available in Tajikistan are early October and early and mid-November or these hunts can take place in January. In Kyrgyzstan, hunts can be taken in late October or early or late November. Our mid-November hunt has no openings. We can also take hunters in January. We went 100% success on Marco Polo in both countries. We will also lock in our 2012 hunt prices for 2013/2014 hunt with a deposit of $5,000. Most hunts are 2 hunts per hunt date.

Tom-Garvin-44-inch-ibex-Kyrgyzstan-2011Mid-Asian Ibex, in my opinion are the best value in Mountain Hunting, period. We have a few remaining hunts in both Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, starting in September and running through November in Kyrgyzstan and through December in Tajikistan. We also offer January hunts. We have “trophy” areas in Kyrgyzstan which are very remote and require very fit hunters. Fifty inch plus Ibex are not uncommon in these areas. Our standard areas can produce Ibex of this size, but most are in the low-mid 40” range. Prices are $1,000 off our listed pricing. The trophy hunts are $7,750 instead of $8,750 and the standard Ibex hunts are $6,750 instead of $7,750. Hunts are 2-3 hunters per hunt date.

We’ve been sending hunters to Azerbaijan for several years, but this will be the first year I will be on a couple hunts. All of our clients have said it is a real hunt and not for the faint of heart. I am looking forward to doing this hunt. I’ll be there for 2 hunt periods: Oct. 21st -30th and Oct. 30th – Nov. 9th. The 2nd date is booked, but we have room for 2-3 hunters on the first date. These hunts are longer than the normal 5 day hunt as we are taking the hunts later than most people go. On the early hunts, the capes are not ideal, even though weather conditions are better. In late Oct and early Nov, there can be snow, but typically less fog than in September and early October. These hunts are $9,500 per hunter if 3 or more hunters. If only 2 hunters, then price is $10,000. Extra hunt days are $400 per day.

Please feel free to Call Bryan for any questions.

I purchased a Bighorn area the most Northern Area of Alberta, on the BC Border. We have 4 permits per year. There is one opening left for this year and we also have some trophy moose hunts just over the border into BC. These moose average 50” or more. We will offer both horseback and non-horseback hunts. I’ll write more about his in an upcoming newsletter, hopefully within a few days of this one. Also, for hunters looking to hunt Stone Sheep, I have helped 2 outfitters with territories they have recently acquired, and they both have a couple openings. Call for info and for contact info.

Good hunting,
Bryan Martin