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  • My trip / adventure was awesome. First class fair chase hunt. I will go back
    some day and it will be through Bryan.

    Kevin Ash
  • Marc's Marco Polo
    Great hunt with a trophy of a lifetime. 
    I am the prototype poor client..older,out of shape,travel alone,etc..
    I can assure you you these are the most honest,hardworking folks I have ever met..They bend over backwards to accommodate my deficiencies,the food is good, and travel is long but fine..I have been there twice with Bryan’s group,and hope to make at least one more with my son next year..
    If you are realistic about a hunt in a third world country,want a traditional fair chase hunt,and appreciate simple,honest folks, then look no more..this is it….if you want a 3 day production hunt,very little effort, and the knowledge you are just a number,then the Hot Springs hunt is for you,…they are completely different….you will work your ass off on this hunt…
    I love it,hope to get back…For the right  hunter, I guarantee you will be happy..
    Sincerely..Mark Shears


    Mark Shears
  • I have been on many big game hunts, but this one was the best.

    My airline (AA) refused to check my rifle all the way through to Dushanbe. They incorrectly contended that because I would change airlines in Chicago (Turkish Air), I needed written permission from that airline to transport a rifle and cartridges. After 2.5 hours of arguing with supervisors, we compromised and they checked everything to Istanbul. When I arrived there, I learned that the baggage claim is on Turkish soil, so I needed a Turkish visa, which I was easily able to get, but it took two hours. By the time I got to the carousel, my gun and bags were gone. The Turkish police had seized my rifle and refused to return it except I was allowed to retrieve on my way back to the U.S. I retrieved my rifle and other items on the way back.

    Fortunately, Bryan and I are about the same size so I was able to borrow warm clothes from him, including boots and a nice 7mm. I practiced for a day and ended up with a large ram and a large Ibex as well.

    This trip is expensive (for me anyway) so I agree is critically important to locate the right outfitter.  Bryan’s guides were terrific, as was the food and everything else about the experience. I recommend Bryan and his service to you without reservation. Feel free to call me to discuss.

    Marco Polo Ram

    Mark Ogden
  • Colorado Buck

    I can’t thank you enough for one of the most memorable trips I’ve had to date, you made it a great experience and hunt of a lifetime!

    — Your Friend, Colorado Buck

    Colorado Buck
  • Daniel Cisewski

    I want to thank Bryan and the Asian Mountain Outfitters crew for not only a great hunt but a totally awesome experience. Saku and his crew in the field were just great, before, during and after the hunt. It was not only a hunt but a cultural and historical experience, with the sites we visited and all the hospitality we were shown. My only regrets were not adding the Marco polo, but that only means now I have a reason to go back!

    Daniel Cisewski
  • Robert Shatzko

    I was very impressed with the interpreter, guides, accommodation and food when I hunted Marco Polo in Tajkistan in 2011. I harvested a 60″+ ram, and saw many others in a similar size range. I consider the area a real find, and under hunted. The experience was such a high point in my twenty-five years of hunting that it will appear as the final chapter in a book about my adventures, (name and publication date TBA.) I would highly recommend this hunt. I am looking forward to returning to Tajikistan someday.

    Robert Shatzko
  • Dean Eisberg

    AMO provided a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience in Central Asia. They bridged the paperwork, travel, cultural and governmental barriers to make the trip possible. Their local guides were warm, knowledgeable and relentless hunters who knew how to get a trophy. AMO is results oriented and completely competent; their services are unmatched. Now, if they could only control the weather…

    Dean Eisberg
  • Rick Young

    It’s not often I can rate/score a hunt 9 out of 10 but the gang at Asian Mountain Outfitters pulled it off. This was my second trip to Kyrg. The first in 2008 which was a learning experience for myself and Asian MT. I can see they have developed a solid relationship with the correct guys to secure all the necessary permits and proper guides. I have taken 2 ibex and a Marco Polo with them. Follow up with Amy on paper work is her specialty and she streamlined the process. Saku is the main man over there for all concerns and he is top notch no BS there. Bryan is confident and will do everything possible to produce results. Listen to his advice you will be thankful.

    Rick Young
  • Stu Mauney

    Amy, thanks very much to you and Bryan for helping me arrange the Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan in 2011. Saku was very helpful. The best tip from Amy was arranging for the hunt to end on a weekday so we all could get in to New York on a weekday and have the USFWS meet us there without any complications to clear our trophies. Having the right contacts in Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek to acquire the vet certificate, phitosanitary certificate, and hunting license also proved very helpful. I almost booked with a Kyrgyz guy based out of Germany who spoke very poor English. After seeing first-hand how the system works over there I would advise all Americans to book with Bryan and Asian Mountain Outfitters. Please feel to use my name, address, phone number, and e mail address for a reference. It was a cultural experience to say the least. And the sheer number of young beautiful women I saw in Bishkek after our hunt was nothing short of amazing!

    Stu Mauney