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Thank you for considering Asian Mountain Outfitters (AMO) for your next mountain hunting adventure. Our Philosophy is “Real Hunts for Real Hunters”. Since 2002, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional hunting experiences in Central Asia, with an emphasis on Marco Polo, Ibex in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, Argali and Ibex in Mongolia and Tur in Azerbaijan. We feel that these are some of the best animals and best values in mountain hunting. We also organize mountain hunting adventures in Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal, Spain, Romania, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada and Russia and will continue to expand our operations where we have good partners and great areas. Our trusted outfitting partners and area managers deliver world-class service and 100% opportunity on all species available in their carefully managed trophy hunting concessions. In the last 4 seasons, all of our clients enjoyed nearly 100% success on all primary species hunted. If any hunter is unsuccessful on their hunt, they can extend their trip or return later in the season, just paying hard costs such as fuel and guide wages. Our objective is high success/opportunity with big adventure and great trophy quality.

The Asian Mountain Outfitters team is a small group of professionals committed to ensuring you receive the highest level of attention to detail, from the moment you book a hunt with us until you return home with trophies in hand. We are more than just agents for our Central Asian Outfitters/Partners as we work exclusively with our Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan outfitters. Rarely are their middlemen unless we feel it is necessary due to language barriers or logistics. Most of our main partners have rifles, satellite phones, Toyota Land Cruisers or Russian Jeeps, Hilleberg Tents, MSR Stoves, proper backpacks, etc.; we have long term business and personal commitments with many of them and can offer very personalized and well-organized hunts. After booking a hunt, our clients are welcome to talk directly with our partners to insure their hunts meet their hunting goals. All Marco Polo and Ibex hunts have 11-15 days between hunter arrival dates, so that our clients are not rushed to complete their hunts. There are also no extra bribes required to shoot trophy-sized animals, just we ask that hunters tip guides according to their efforts and service (about 10% of the total hunt prices for all staff). Generally, hunters take their trophies home with them at the end of the hunt or they are shipped 2-5 months later, allowing time for the skins to dry; generally we use Turkish air freight.

Owner/guide: Bryan Martin has personally shot or guided over 35 Marco Polo sheep & over 25 Ibex. He built a solid reputation for himself as a top North American Sheep guide and outfitter, running a British Columbia hunting operation from 1999 until 2010. Currently he guides 2 Canadian Bighorn sheep each year. Since 2002 he has been guiding and organizing hunts in Asia, with Marco Polo and Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan being his main destinations. Bryan has been featured on several TV hunting programs and videos and he is routinely asked to present seminars on sheep hunting and preparations/gear for backcountry adventures. He writes for Western Hunter and the Journal of Mountain Hunting Magazine. Without a doubt, Bryan and AMO provides hunters with the most comprehensive gear lists and preparation manual in the sheep hunting world!

Office Manager: Lynzy McCowan/Tetreau manages the AMO office and handles all pre-hunt paperwork, permit applications, travel assistance, finances and preparations for our clients, and will be your general contact for AMO. Lynzy is also involved in her family business, McCowans Sporting Properties, selling hunting properties throughout Western Canada.

Best Regards,
Bryan Martin


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