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Argali (Altai, Hangai and Gobi)

There are good numbers of Argali Sheep in the Southern Hangai mountains, Mid-Altai mountains and the mountainous steppes and semi-desert parts north of Gobi.

Hunting Seasons

  • The prime rut season is Mid-October til Mid-November. The rut is the best time to hunt due to the larger concentrations of sheep. Post-rut hunt in December can be very good as well while the rams are focused on feeding.
  • The spring hunts can be good as well, these hunts run from Late Feb – Early April.

Trophy Quality

  • Altai Argali – 42-49 inches with 16-17 inch bases
  • Hangai Argali – 40-49 inches with 16-18 inch bases
  • Gobi Argali – 40-48 inches with 16-17 inch bases

Hunt Dates

July – October 15


12-14 day trip with 10 days hunting


  • Altai Argali – call for details
  • Hangai Argali – Call for details
  • Gobi Argali – Call for details

Hunt Includes

  • Visa Support (letter of invitation & voucher)
  • Hunting license, tags & permits (CITES & Vet Cert)
  • Area fees & taxes
  • Firearms permit
  • Meet & greet w/airport pickup and transfers
  • Transportation in Ulanbataar
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Ulanbataar
  • Transportation to/from camp and Ulanbataar
  • English speaking interpreter
  • Local guide & camp staff per hunter
  • lodging and meals during hunt
  • trophy skinning and prep
  • rent of satellite phone
  • 1 trophy fee
  • Medical insurance in Mongolia during the hunt

Optional & Additional Costs

  • Excess luggage fees
  • Meals in Ulanbataar
  • Alcohol in camp
  • Use of satellite phone for personal calls
  • Required $300 export documentation fee

Additional Information

  • Harvest/trophy fees for animals mus be brought with you to camp, Cash only (new $100 bills). If you do not want to bring cash, we can arrange to have the money sent via Western Union or wired from the U.S. after your animal(s) harvested. You will still want to bring cash for tipping.
  • Note: All prices are subject to change.



Bryan Martin, Owner & Operator,, PH 250.317.5525