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June 2015 Newsletter

It’s July 1st (we almost made the June deadline); students are on summer vacation, families are traveling and hopefully, many of you are out training and shooting in preparation for your fall hunts. I keep in contact with many of our partners in Asia and they all would like to take a few more hunters […]

May 2015 Newsletter

First off, thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. This newsletter’s a bit long winded, however, it’s jammed pack full of good information, so stick with me! I’ve been visiting some hunting areas in Turkey and Spain as we are expanding our business in these two countries due to the great outfitting […]

March 2015 Newsletter

 It is mid-March and all of the major trade shows have been completed; it’s unseasonably warm and dry on the West Coast. We exhibited at SCI, GSCO and Wild Sheep shows this winter and we are now back in the office doing follow ups, contracts, hunt planning, updating our website, etc. If I met you […]