Bryan Martin

Outfitter/guide, international hunter and author, Bryan Martin, has been outfitting and guiding hunters in Canada since 1999, thru his company, Canadian Mountain Outfitters and he has arranged and guided many hunters in Central Asia, through his Asian Mountain Outfitters business since 2002. He has been on over 20 successful Marco Polo/Ibex hunts. An avid hunter himself, he has a real passion for hardcore backpack hunting and is always looking over the next ridge for that animal of a “lifetime”. He finished his own Grand Slam in 2006. Between guiding clients and doing his own hunts, Bryan partakes in many multi-day backpack/horseback hunts each year.

In 1991, Bryan got his start in the hunting industry, as a wrangler/packer while attending Oregon State University, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering Management and a Business Minor in 1995. Upon Graduating, he guided many Governor/Auction tag permit holders through well know outfitters, for Rocky Mountain, California and Desert Sheep in 5 different Western States.

Bryan was raised on a farm/ranch in Central Oregon and moved to Montana in 1996. He now resides in British Columbia and is a dual Citizen of the U.S. and Canada. During the 4-5 years he lived in Montana, he worked as a real estate salesperson/consultant, specializing in hunting properties and working ranches. Bryan is a hands on, working guide/owner who has become well know for hunting hard and providing “real hunts for real hunters”.

Many hunters and industry professionals enjoyed reading his informative, Extreme Gear articles, in the “Huntin Fool” magazine: that he wrote for 5 years. People who know him well often refer to Bryan as the “Gear Guru” or the “Gear Guy” because he has tested and used so many different types of gear and equipment and is always searching for better, stronger and more efficient products. He is passionate about sharing his hunting and equipment knowledge that has worked for him on the many Extreme hunts he partakes in, both as a Solo hunter and with clients/friends. He has backpack hunted from sea level to 16,500’ and from -40 to 105 Degrees F. In these Extreme conditions, choosing the right equipment and knowing how to use it, is very critical.


Chris Nash

Professional guide Chris Nash started in the guiding business back when Mongolian Elk Hunts were at their peak in 1995-96. He saw an immediate need for a western guide who could help hunters get a much greater opportunity at taking a trophy animal, as well as being able to work and communicate with the local guides. Hence his quest to escort hunters in far reaching areas had began. Since then, he has been fortunate enough to participate in hunts in Canada, Texas, New Mexico, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, and Kamchatka, as well as Buffalo -Banteng hunting in Australia. Starting at the young age of six, Chris started hunting rabbits with his father and went on to hunt Australia’s Fallow, Rusa, Red, and the mightiest of all, the Sambar Deer. His passion, though, is for getting up close and personal to the rare Banteng and big Water Buffalo bulls. Big guns, big animals, big stories is the center piece of the hunt with Chris.


Cassidy Caron

Cass harvested her first big game animal, a moose, at age eleven, on a fly-in sheep hunt in the wilds of Northern British Columbia. The next year, she had her first goat. At fifteen, now as at home in the high country as in her own bed, she realized the dream of her first ram, a Stone. Since then, she has taken six more rams, including a bighorn on a solo hunt

Cass has explored and hunted vast tracts of the Canadian wilderness, often solo. She is an accomplished horsewoman, backpack hunter and author.

At 25, Cass has hunted on four continents, and been on over 100 successful hunts, 20 of which were for sheep or goats. Cassidy guided the BC Premier tag in both 2011 and 2012 with Boone and Crockett bighorn rams taken both times.

Cass is an aggressive hunter and a dedicated guide. She will stop at nothing to make a hunt a memorable success.