Asian Hunting Outfitter for Marco Polo, Ibex, Argali, Tur, Snow Sheep, Roebuck and More

When you book a hunt with Asian Mountain Outfitters, you are guaranteed a unique and adventurous Mountain hunting experience! Our Philosophy is Real Hunts for Real Hunters.  Our hunters are able to harvest some of most incredible mountain animals in the world, with our specialty being Marco Polo Sheep and Mid-Asian Ibex.  The biggest Marco Polo live in Tajikistan and are called the Ovis Amon Poli.  Kyrgyzstan is home to 2 subspecies of Marco Polo, the Tien Shan Argali and the Hume Argali.  Marco Polo and Argali are considered some of the most premier hunts in the world. But, for the size of the animal and the adventure, we feel that a Mid-Asian Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan and the Dagestan Tur Hunt in Azerbaijan are great values.  There are only  2-3 hunters per date and there is normally a 14-16 day turn around between hunt changes, so that all of our hunting clients receive a very personalized and high success hunting experience.  We don’t charge extra fees for exceptional animals and all hunters are treated fairly, regardless of their name and hunting background.  We are in the business of providing well organized, fair chase and real mountain hunts.

Asian Mountain Outfitters was started by the founder of Canadian Mountain Outfitters, Bryan Martin.  He has been to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan numerous times since 2002, as a personal escort and professional Asia hunting guide, having been on over 20 Successful Marco Polo hunts.  He has worked hard to assure the local guides are familiar with the needs of Western Hunters.  Our Asia hunts are unique and we offer a personal experience to our clients. We know there are other Asia hunting outfitters who can organize a great Asia hunting experience, but we can also provide a personal escort/Western Hunting guide to personalized your Asia hunting experience. This is an additional charge, but it is also well worth the extra cost as this service is very reassuring to the first time Asia hunter.  We do feel that our local outfitters and guide are highly competent and our clients will be in good hands even if one of our Western Guides is not on the hunt. Visit our Getting Started page for more info!

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